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About us


I have always loved animals, especially dogs, since my childhood. I always wanted to live with several dogs around me and I feel lucky to make it come true. Having created the dog pension, I am surrounded by a wide variety of dogs, whom I love from the bottom of my heart.

I have been rescuing dogs for a long time, and it often happened that I provided temporary shelter for the rescued at my place besides my own dogs at the same time. During these years, I have gained proper practical experience how to ensure that several dogs can live together happily without conflicts. The successful management and operation of the dog pension serve as a living proof of that.

I have met several dogs with behavioural problems, which were not simple cases at that time, of course. However, I am grateful for the opportunity of meeting them as I could learn much from and through them. My own dogs are friendly, playful and assist a lot in relieving the anxiety of timid dogs, while they also help to forget the absence of the owner.

By opening the pension, my aim was to create a place where owners would like to return, where they can be sure that their doggies are in a safe environment, where dogs feel like being on a vacation and do not feel their owners’ absence as a punishment, where they can look for new experience while they spend the time in a loving and friendly atmosphere.

Gyöngyi Major

Major Gyöngyi