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Dog pension at the highest level

Doggy DeLuxe is the place where our experience, our devotion and our hearts unite.
It’s all about the dogs. Dog is our passion.


More than a dog pension

Doggy DeLuxe is a special place and a home for the dogs living as one of our family and our team. We have known many of them since they were puppies and we get very close to each other during our time together.

We are a community space with inclusive, well-socialized and playful dogs, where newcomers are always welcome.

Dogs feel at home in our pension. Since each one of them returns, they can spend time in a familiar environment among familiar dogs, and they do not feel anxiety.


Our guests

Dogs spend time together and can move around freely in our pension. It is important that we can host only well-socialized, nonaggressive dogs.

Every dog spends the night inside the pension. Therefore, we can only host house-trained dogs who use the indoor space for the intended purpose. Un-neutered dogs may be accepted only if they do not bother the others.

Dogs with separation anxiety are accepted during daycare only. We provide support to resolve and treat anxiety. In serious cases, a trainer may be recommended. We are in contact with several professionals.

panzió környezet


The pension is located in the amazing scenic green neighbourhood of Kelenvölgy.

Outside, dogs can enjoy a huge multi-level green garden with ancient trees – an adventure park; while indoors, beautifully designed interiors, sofas, pillows and beds ensure the highest level of comfort for dogs. Underfloor heating is available in winter and natural cooling makes summertime more comfortable.

We dreamed of and created a place where our clients and guests are always welcome, where dogs can enjoy their time getting new experience, playing together and relaxing on comfortable beds and couches even in the absence of their owners.