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What shall we bring?


  • Dog’s Vaccintion Book or Passport
  • A leash, collar, or harness (of which the dog cannot get out)
  • Everyday food. We do not burden the dog with food changes; therefore, each dog gets the usual food at home. Fridge and freezer are available.
  • Home blanket or bedding. In the case of sensitive dogs, we consult with the owner if we think such accessories would be good for the dog.
  • Diapers for not house-trained dogs accustomed to diapers.
  • Dog cage for sleep. In special cases, when the dog normally sleeps in a room kennel at home to feel secure.
  • Medicine with an indication of the dosage if applicable. Eye drops, ear drops… and the usual food needed for taking the medicine (such as liver cream).
  • Vitamins