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Aisha közeli

We offer overnight stay in our pension when owners are away for a longer time or having a vacation. Before staying in the pension, daycare service is a prerequisite. The aim of daycare is to prepare dogs for staying overnight, therefore we request owners to use our service during the daytime before the dog is sleeping here.

During the daytime, we can get to know the dogs and they can get used to the environment. When they already trust us and feel safe with us, dogs will spend the night in a relaxed and calm way in the pension. For some dogs, only one occasion in daycare may be enough; while others may be more sensitive and might need more occasions of daytime stay to feel safe.

In case we cannot take the dog in for some reasons we observe during the day, we will not charge the daycare fee. Usually, a few hours of stay are enough to observe and decide on it, in which case we notify the owner immediately.

Dogs sleep together indoors in the pension. We can provide a separate room for the dog if necessary. However, we cannot ensure outdoor sleeping, as we look at dogs as social beings who require human proximity.