The Pension

The Doggy deLuxe dog pension can be found in the most beautiful panoramic part of Budafok, in Kelenvölgy. I would have liked to have a kind of atmosphere that those who come round have never met. The Doggy deLuxe would not just like to be a dog pension but a fresh dash of colour that makes those who come around feel like home, where both owners and guest dogs willingly come back.

Spacious outer and inner space, beautiful garden and comfortable berths are waiting for your pet. In winter underfloor heating, in summer an artless cool accommodation is waiting for your pet. Instead of kennels, dog rooms, furnished in a friendly way, are at disposal, so according to the need of the guest dogs, they have the chance to seclude. The Doggy deLuxe works in a small number, in a homely atmosphere. Our goal is to secure quality service. Doggy deLuxe hosts your dog not just during a holiday or longer trip but there is a chance to stay here during the day as well.

We know from our own experience what a burden it is for our soul to know that our pet has to be alone for longer time, so we would like to offer the chance of day care pension.

The Doggy deLuxe dog pension provides veterinarian surveillance for dogs for 24 hours a day. If a dog gets ill or injured during the stay at the Doggy deLuxe dog pension, the occurring veterinarian costs have to be paid by the owner.

The Doggy deLuxe dog pension asserts the rights to deny the admission of aggressive, not house-trained dogs or dogs that are not clean enough or not in adequate health condition. This right also applies to very big (according to private judgement) or fighter dogs and the mixture of these as well if the responsible leaders of the Doggy deLuxe find the dog untreatable or uncontrollable.

If we find skin parasites (flea) in the guest dog of the Doggy deLuxe, the bath and parasite decontamination of the dog costs 4000 Ft.

The process of the intake to Doggy deLuxe dog pension is:


  • Registration is according to fixing an appointment on the phone.
  • Filling in an application form.
  • Checking the dog’s Vaccination Certificate or Passport. These documents have to be left at the Doggy deLuxe during the stay there.
  • Checking the health condition and parasite immunity of the dog.
  • Monitoring the dog’s behaviour with other dogs.



The conditions of the accommodation of the dogs of the Doggy deLuxe:


  • The dog must have the vaccinations recommended for its age.
  • The dog must be healthy, without skin parasites and frequently dewormed.
  • The dog must not be aggressive and hostile with other dogs.
  • It must not blissom or be latening in pup.


The feeding of the Dog:

We suggest preparing and bringing the dog’s regular food not to bother the dog with changing its food. A fridge or freezer is available for storage.


We suggest bringing a berth or an object that the dog likes. It means security to the dog during the stay at the Doggy deLuxe dog pension.


Leaving the dogs at the Doggy deLuxe dog pension constitutes a criminal offence, so it entails a report to the police in every case.


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