Extra Services:




There are several possibilities to take the dogs for a walk near the Doggy deLuxe dog pension. We walk your pet at a nature conservation area (Tétény plateau, Kamara forest) or at a spacious green area by a neighbouring pond on-demand. There is the possibility of running the dog by bicycle, if it is used to it.


1 hour 1500 Ft,-
1.5 hours 2500 Ft,-
2 hours 3000 Ft,-



Dog grooming service:


Walking or running is with a 5-meter-long pull-out lace in every case. Because of security reasons we put a collar on the dog with our telephone number.
On demand there is the possibility of grooming the dogs. Grooming service is done at the nearby dog beautician. We warrant transporting the dog back and forth.


Veterinarian service:


If your dog needs basic healthcare (vaccination, deworming, plaque etc.), we warrant it if you wish during your absence. The approximate prices of the services have to be paid in advance and the transport fee is added to it as well. Ask for our customised bid.

Preparation for travelling:


If your dog travels abroad, we undertake the making of the passport, arranging the documents, licences or registrations (official certificate) needed to travel and the supplement of the occurring missing requirements.


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