I love animals, especially dogs, from my childhood. I have always wanted to live with several dogs at the same time and fortunately I could make it come true. I like to see happy and even tempered dogs around me and for the sake of this I try to do everything. Adequate exercise, quality food is just as important as the love of dogs or the quality time spent with them, or just being together with them. I have been rescuing dogs for a long time, and it has often happened that there were several dogs at my place temporary besides my own ones at the same time, so I feel I have proper practical experience to solve that several dogs could live together happily without conflicts.

I have met several dogs with behavioural problems, which were not simple cases at that time, of course, but now I am thankful that I could also be with them because I could learn most from them and by them. In case of need I also asked for advice.
According to my experience, dogs like to be with me and my little pack, who are all – except for a Boston terrier female dog – rescued dogs, so they are really conforming to the dogs visiting our place.
My dogs help a lot both with the rehabilitation and socialization of the rescued dogs and make the guest dogs of the Doggy deLuxe dog pension forget the absence of their owners, while they are away.
Our dogs are friendly and playful, so they contribute to make the stay of the guest dogs of the Doggy deLuxe pension pleasant in great extent.

My goal is to create a place where owners come round willingly, they can make sure that their pets are in a safe place and where dogs come on holiday and do not feel that their owners’ absence is a punishment but they willingly gain new experiences and they spend this time in a loving and friendly atmosphere.
I sincerely hope that this will happen and I ask you to honour us with your confidence and visit us with your pet.



Gyöngyi Major

Our Animators


Our helpers are in every size and of every mentality, so the guest dogs of the Doggy deLuxe pension can easily find the adequate dog partner for themselves.




She is a tiny little female dog, born in 2012. Her movements and gestures are like a monkey’s, so we call her an ape-man in the team.:) Ziggy is a really friendly and playful little creature. If someone is interested, she gladly puts them up to the secret of chasing lizards and the quest of supposed small rodents.





She is a female dog, born in 2010. Jana spent the first three years of her life on a chain, and she is trying to make up for this period of lack of exercise in any situation. That means she runs and chases others a lot, so Jana is responsible for sports in our little dog family.



Nola is a Boston terrier born in 2007, the elite member of our company. Nola thinks that her elite stain exonerates her from behaving as a dog, so she thinks her position is among humans. Sometimes we can put her off from this position, and if she forgets it, it can also happen that she starts to play with one of the dogs. Nola really loves people, so she willingly helps to welcome the owners of the guest dogs with much pleasure when they arrive.:)

Pictures of the guest Dogs

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